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This form is a statement of final loan terms and closing costs. Compare this document with your Loan Estimate. Closing Disclosure Closing Information Transaction Information Loan Information Date Issued Closing Date Disbursement Date Settlement Agent File Property Sale Price Borrower Seller Lender Loan Term Purpose Product Loan Type Conventional FHA VA Loan ID MIC Can this amount increase after closing Loan Amount Interest Rate Monthly Principal Interest See Projected Payments below for your...
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How to fill out closing disclosure form


How to fill out closing disclosure form:

Start by carefully reviewing all the information on the form, including the loan terms, interest rates, and closing costs.
Provide accurate and complete details about the property being financed, such as its address, purchase price, and any improvements or repairs that need to be addressed.
Enter your personal information accurately, including your name, contact details, and social security number.
Carefully review the loan terms and make sure they align with what you agreed upon with the lender. Double-check interest rates, loan duration, and any potential penalties or fees.
Review the projected monthly payments section and ensure that the amounts provided are accurate and manageable for your budget.
Carefully examine the closing costs section and verify that all the fees and charges are legitimate and reasonable. If any discrepancies or questionable items are found, consult with your lender or seek professional advice.
Sign the form to confirm that you have carefully reviewed and understood all the information provided.
Keep a copy of the closing disclosure form for your records.

Who needs closing disclosure form:

Homebuyers: Anyone purchasing a property with a mortgage loan is required to receive a closing disclosure form. It helps them understand the costs and terms associated with the loan and allows for comparison shopping between lenders.
Refinancing applicants: When refinancing a mortgage, borrowers receive a closing disclosure form to review the new loan terms and ensure they align with their expectations.
Real estate professionals: Agents, brokers, and other real estate professionals involved in the transaction may also need a closing disclosure form to better assist their clients and understand the financial aspects of the loan process.

Who needs the Closing Disclosure Form?

The closing Disclosure form is a kind of summarizing agreement defining the final term of mortgage loan and closing costs that is to be concluded by the two parties: the borrower and the lender. Other parties may be involved while signing the Closing Disclosure form including the seller of the property and the real estate broker(s) handling the deal. It is the lenders (the lending institution’s) duty to provide the borrower with the given Closing Disclosure before closing the mortgage loan.

What is the purpose of the Closing Disclosure Form?

Filling out and signing the form is an inevitable step in making a loan agreement. The disclosure reveals all the financial details including calculations of the interest rate and number and amount of monthly payments.  These details are important to the parties in case of any misunderstanding in the future.

When is the Closing Disclosure due?

The lender is supposed to deliver the form to the borrower 3 days before the loan closing date. This period is important to the borrower, so the borrow can check all the terms and details of the loan, as they should correspond to those indicated on the previously received Loan Estimate form.

How to fill out the Loan Closing Disclosure?

Other than the information about the parties and the real property being bought, the completion of the form requires indicating a significant amount of financial information:

  1. Loan amount;

  2. Interest rate;

  3. Monthly principal and interest;

  4. Payment calculations;

  5. Closing costs;

  6. Other costs;

  7. Summaries of transactions, etc.

Any important additional information covering the transaction details should be put in the Closing Disclosure as well.

Where to send the completed Closing Disclosure?

As already mentioned, the lending institution is obliged to direct the filled out closing Disclosure Form for the borrower’s signature, giving them a 3-day period to double-check the terms of the loan.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing closing disclosure form

Instructions and Help about closing disclosure form pdf

I'm Mary Schuster chief product officer and MVP of regulatory affairs with Ram quest here to talk to you today about the new closing disclosure form from the CFPB in the past federal law required two different disclosure forms to be provided to consumers at or shortly before their loan closing the information on these forms known as the final till and hood one was overlapping and often inconsistent consumers often found the forms confusing the dodd-frank act directed the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau the CFPB to integrate these mortgage loan disclosures into a new single consolidated disclosure form as a result the closing disclosure form is a five-page form that is due to the borrower for review three days prior to the closing or settlement in an escrow state it is due to the seller not later than the day of closing or settlement the lender or creditor is responsible for delivering the closing disclosure or CD to the borrower also the consumer, but creditors may engage the services of a settlement agent to provide the CD so long as they comply with the provisions of the rule creating these new requirements is known as the integrated Mortgage Disclosure rule or trig, and it applies to most closed-ended mortgage transactions except home equity lines of credit reverse mortgages and true mobile home loans when the dwelling is not attached to the land or seller financing where the creditor makes five or fewer mortgages in a year let's take a look at the first page of the closing disclosure form to see what information is presented first to the borrower

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The exact deadline to file the Closing Disclosure form in 2023 will depend on the specifics of the situation. Generally, the Closing Disclosure should be issued at least three business days prior to the closing of the transaction.
The penalty for late filing of a Closing Disclosure Form (CD) is a fine of up to $500, plus a civil money penalty of up to $1,000 per day for each day the violation continues. Additionally, a mortgage servicer may be subject to other legal or regulatory action, including but not limited to suspension or revocation of the mortgage servicer’s license.
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